molla (di ricambio)

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 Le nostre culle includono una molla progettata appositamente con anelli girevoli e una linea di sicurezza. Potete comprare qui una molla di sostituzione.

Nota: consigliamo vivamente di sostituire una molla di seconda mano o più vecchia di 2 anni.


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    giorno &
    • Not just for a nap during the day but designed for day and night sleep until the age of about 6 to 9 months.
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    mollegia &
    • The movements of the cradle resemble the motions your baby remembers from the womb.
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    0 - 9
    • This baby bed can be used until the age of about 6 to 9 months.
      Indoors and outdoors.
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    • Our cradles are made using natural materials such as organic cotton, coconut fibres, wool and unpainted wood.
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    • Easy to adjust ropes for stand-up nursing. Our cradles come complete with an ergonomic mattress.
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    • The hanging cradle is safe and reliable: we deliver to nurseries and follow the NEN-EN 1130 safety norms for cradles.
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    • Reduce or stop reflux by easily tilting the cradle slightly.
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    le persone
    & il pianeta
    • We produce small scale.
      Mainly in social workplaces.
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    fatto a mano
    • All products are Dutch Design.
      Fabrics and ropes are handmade.